To manually vacuum your domestic swimming pool ensure you have the correct equipment and that it is in good condition. You will need to have a vacuum hose, vacuum head (liner or concrete), pool pole and in some cases a vacuum plate.


bullet pointAttach vacuum head to pool pole, then attach vacuum hose to vacuum head.

bullet pointPlace vacuum head into the pool and feed vacuum hose under the water until all the hose is submerged with no air inside tube.

bullet pointRemove basket from the skimmer (leave in if you have a vacuum skimmer plate) or vacuum plug from the vacuum point and push hose into hole.

bullet pointGo to plant room and ensure you close the sump/main drain valve and open either the skimmer or vacuum point valve depending on which your hose is connected to.

bullet pointEnsure the Multi-port valve is pointing to "filtration". Turn on pump and make sure the pump is on overide on any timeclock it may be connected to.

bullet pointMove the vacuum along the width of floor of the pool in lines starting at the shallow end and working down the pool towards the deep end. You should move the vacuum head at a slow enough speed to pick up the debris without disturbing the surrounding debris.