Your pool set up may differ from these instruction slightly, but the principle for backwashing is the same.

1. Steps

bullet pointTurn off the swimming pool pump.

bullet pointTurn the Multi-port valve (MPV) on the filter 180 degrees to "backwash".

bullet pointEnsure backwash hose is laid out or ball valve on waste line is open.

bullet pointTurn on pump. Leave running for 2 -3 mins.

bullet pointTurn off pump.

bullet pointTurn MPV on filter to "rinse".

bullet pointTurn on pump. Leave running for 15 to 30 secs.

bullet pointTurn off pump.

bullet pointTurn MPV on filter to "filtration". Turn pump back on.

bullet pointClose valve on waste line or roll backwash hose back up.

2. Backwash Pool Filters Only When Necessary.

Obviously, backwashing filters uses extra water. Keep the pool clean to reduce the frequency of backwashing. Only backwash long enough for the water in the sight glass to run clean. Backwash in the normal manner for approximately 2 minutes fortnightly with an approximate water discharge of up to 1,000 litres.

3. Re-use Backwash or Dechlorinated Waste Pool Water on Lawns & Shrubs

Empty the filter backwash onto lawns and shrubs or collect it to reuse. Speak to your pool specialist regarding fitting another backwash line to the lawn or shrubs.


Backwashing your sand filter regularly is important, but so is changing the sand in your filter.

When to change the sand?

We recommend emptying the sand filter and replacing the sand every 5 - 6 years for a domestic outdoor swimming pool. However, this may need to be done earlier if you run your pool all year round.

The Symptoms

You may well notice that the pool clarity is not quite as you have always had it, or that you simply can't clear that cloudy pool. The sand after 5 years loses it's sharpness and congeals together, creating chanels for the water to pass through instead of filtering evenly through the sand.