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OASE Solar pool covers

Automatic Safety & Solar Cover

OASE automatic safety swimming pool covers are not only providing the consumer with peace of mind, but also a completely free source of solar heating. The cover consists of a series of slats connected together by a hinge that can be separated to remove any damaged or broken slats. The tough polycarbonate material converts the heat from the sun directlty to the pool water without out the need for external solar heating systems.

The Benefits

bullet pointSuitable for new or existing pools

bullet pointSaves 80% on heating costs

bullet pointSaves 60% on chemical costs

bullet pointNew anti-algea patent available

bullet pointNew 83mm slats provide even more buoyancy

bullet pointNew improved safety hinge.

Summer Solar Covers

Standard pool solar bubble covers are a cheap alternative and are also available, however, they will need to be attached to a telescopic roller in order to remove them from the pool without damaging them. The available options are:

400 Micron

400 micron solar cover

Standard cover thickness and heat retention.

Geo Bubble

geo-bubble solar cover

New improved Certikin solar blanket, with grey topside & black underside. It has a 500 micron thickness.

OASE Automatic Cover Promotional Video

OASE Automatic Solar Safety Cover

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